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IO Ninja I2C/SPI Tap

The I2C/SPI Tap is an affordable sniffer for monitoring I2C and SPI communications. The sniffer taps into I2C and SPI lines and sends the recorded data to IO Ninja software in real time.

The Tap reliably captures I2C traffic at clock speeds of up to 700KHz and SPI traffic at speeds of up to 24MHz. The product features a convenient quick-release terminal block and multiple status LEDs.

The Tap is based on the MAX10 FPGA. The configuration (firmware) of this flash-based FPGA is uploadable from IO Ninja via the device's USB port. New configurations supporting additional synchronous protocols, such as Quad-SPI, are planned to be released in the future.

The I2C/SPI Tap must be used with the I2C/SPI plugin of IO Ninja software.

Key Features

  • Designed for use with IO Ninja software (
  • Reliably captures:
    • I2C traffic at clock speeds of up to 700KHz;
    • SPI traffic at clock speeds of up to 24MHz, all four modes supported.
  • Based on MAX10 FPGA.
  • Has 16 buffered IO lines connected to a quick-release terminal block.
  • All buffers act as level shifters allowing the Tap to work with logical signals from 1.8V to 5V.
  • Eight LEDs onboard:
    • Green Ready LED;
    • Two general-purpose green LEDs M0 and M1 for mode indication;
    • Four yellow LEDs for indicating the state of the first four IO lines;
    • Blue Power LED.
  • Built-in test generator outputs fixed I2C and SPI data sequences.
  • High-speed (480Mbps) USB2.0 interface on a USB-C connector.
  • Supplied with a USB-C cable.
  • USB-powered, no additional external power necessary.
  • Compact, outside dimensions only 82 x 74 x 30 mm.
  • Product functionality may be expanded in the future:
    • Onboard FPGA is reconfigurable via the USB interface;
    • Sixteen IO lines provide ample room to grow;
    • It is envisioned that the product's abilities may be expanded to handle such protocols as...
      • Quad-SPI;
      • SDIO;
      • Single-wire bus;
      • and more!


Hardware Manual (HTML)IO Ninja Hardware Manual in HTML format.
Hardware Manual (PDF)This is a PDF version of the IO Ninja Hardware Manual for downloading and printing.

Order the I2C/SPI Tap

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