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Tibbo OS (TiOS) or Linux. Which one is right for you?

Tibbo provides two classes of hardware: Tibbo OS (TiOS) devices, and Linux devices.

TiOS is excellent for developing network-enabled automation applications that do not require dealing with complex hardware or protocols beyond those natively supported by TiOS (TCP, UDP, HTTP, serial, etc.) or our open-source libraries. With the hardware, OS, and Tibbo IDE — designed by Tibbo, you get an easily embedded software development, as well as a well-rounded, polished system, which components were purposefully built to work together.

Compared to TiOS, Linux is infinitely more powerful and expandable. With Linux, you have at your disposal an ever-increasing number of programming languages, as well as open-source frameworks, libraries, and toolkits. Our Linux hardware has a much higher performance than that of TiOS hardware and is well-suited for data-intensive and multimedia applications. Both operating systems support remote code execution.

Simply put, Tibbo embedded operating system is an "instant gratification" choice: you can get your project going really fast, but may hit a performance and complexity ceiling when working on larger things. Linux is a "delayed gratification" choice: it takes somewhat longer to get started, but you may reap huge benefits later, especially on complex projects requiring higher performance and support from 3rd-party libraries.

TiOS and Linux: Time spent vs.
your progress with your project

Compare and Choose


Tibbo OS


Supported Hardware

IoT modules,
IoT Boards,
Serial Controllers,
Tibbo Project System(TPS) Devices
based on TPP2 and TPP3

Tibbo Project Systems (TPS) Devices
based on the LTPP3

Programming Languages

Tibbo Basic and
Tibbo C

Virtually any language available on Linux.
Tibbo Basic/C code execution*.

Development Environment

Tibbo IDE (TIDE)

Any IDE or methodology suitable for
developing Linux software

Hardware APIs (for Tibbits, etc.)

Implemented as TiOS objects or
libraries in Tibbo Basic/C

Modules and libraries in
Node.js and C/C++

*TiOS runtime for Linux will be available soon.

OverviewNative C APINode.js API