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Tibbo OS (TiOS) Firmware

Monitor/Loader (M/L) Update for EM2000, TPP2(G2), and TPP3(G2) devices

When equipped with the WA2000 Wi-Fi/BLE add-on, our EM2000, TPP2(G2), and TPP3(G2) now support over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. This will only work if your EM2000, TPP2(G2), or TPP3(G2) is running the M/L V3.00B (or a later version).

Here is how you can check your M/L version and update the M/L if needed.

  • .BIN files: Use the Device Explorer utility (a part of our Tibbo IDE (TIDE) software) to update your Tibbo device using .BIN files. Updates can be performed via the Ethernet or UART of your Tibbo device.
  • .TCU files: Use the Tibbo Updater app to update your WM2000 or WA2000-equipped Tibbo device via the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface. These files — created by the .TCU File Generator — update not just TiOS, but also the firmware of the WA2000 Wi-Fi/BLE add-on module.
Support MainDownloads