* These are Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices and their function depends on the loaded app.
We offer many ready-to-use apps, among them a serial-over-IP (SoI) app and Modbus Gateway app.

Development Boards and Kits

Boards and kits presented here help you test and evaluate Tibbo modules. Some boards are compact enough to be suitable for use in production devices.

EM2000EV Development BoardEM2000EV, shown with EM2000
(must be purchased separately)

EM2000EV Development Board

This evaluation board offers the bare essentials required for testing the EM2000 Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable IoT module. The board carries the sockets for the module, additional sockets for connecting to external circuitry, a power jack, and a power regulator, RJ45 jack (Ethernet port), MD button, and three status LEDs.

The EM2000 module is not included with the board and must be purchased separately.

For more information, see the EM2000EV documentation.

EM1000EV Development System

EM1000EV Development System

An ideal tool for developing and testing multi-port serial applications based on the EM1000 module (and, optionally, the GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on).

Includes the motherboard with the EM1000 module, and an I/O board with four RS232 ports.

For more information, see the EM1000EV documentation.

EM1206SK Starter Kit

EM1206SK Starter Kit

The EM1206EV board plus accessories. The board comes with the RJ203+EM1206 module combination (soldered in) and, optionally, the GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on.

Also included on the board are the RJ45 jack with magnetics, power jack and regulator, one RS232 port with a DB9 connector, Wi-Fi add-on socket, LEDs, MD (setup) button, and a pin header for accessing the module's I/O pins.

For more information, see the EM1206EV documentation.

EM510EV Development System

EM510EV Development System

This kit is a two-board design consisting of a mainboard and an I/O board, which is available in several versions.

The mainboard carries a socket for the EM510 "MiniMo" module, RJ45 jack with magnetics, power jack and regulator, LEDs, and the MD (setup) button.

For more information, see the EM510EV documentation.



This is a DS1206 BASIC/C-programmable controller without a housing.

Ethernet connectivity. 3-channel RS232 port with power input/output on pin 9 of the DB9 connector.

Note: The DS1206N ships preloaded with the SoI app.