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Firmware for Serial-over-IP (SoI) Devices

The firmware files below comprise the compiled Serial-over-IP Tibbo BASIC application combined with TiOS, and are ready to run.

Current Devices

Legacy Devices

EM120, EM200, EM203(A), DS203(A)

There are two firmware builds — "R" and "D". Choose the right file depending on your device's model number.

EM100, DS100

The firmware below is for the following devices:

  • EM100-03/-04,
  • DS100R-03/-04,
  • DS100B-00/-01/-02

Choose the SN build if you are performing an upgrade through the serial port, and the S build if you're upgrading through the network.

Older devices: Tibbo no longer releases firmware upgrades for the EM100-00/-01/-02, or the DS100-00/-01/-02.

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