TB1100 Terminal Block Adapter

The TB1100 is a DB9F-to-terminal block adapter. Housed in an attractive ABS enclosure and featuring nine screwless terminal blocks, the TB1100 is an ideal companion for our programmable serial controllers and device servers. The TB1100 directly connects nine pins of the DB9 to nine terminal blocks.

The TB1100 comes in two versions, "A" and "B", which differ in the orientation of the DB9 connector. The DB9 on the "A" version has the "wide side up" orientation ("normal" orientation). The connector is rotated "wide side down" on the "B" version.

The TB1100A is suitable for such Tibbo products as DS1206, DS203, and DS100. The TB1100B is perfect for our DS1100, DS1101, and DS1102, devices.

The TB1100 is especially handy when used in RS422 or RS485 systems, where it is often necessary to wire directly to data cables. Hint: Our DS1102 and DS100B devices support RS422 and RS485 modes.

Key Features

  • Screwless terminal blocks
  • Attractive ABS housing
  • "Normal" and rotated DB9 options
  • Very compact (34 x 26 x 16mm)

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