* These are Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices and their function depends on the loaded app.
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Pegaso Technologies

Pegaso Technologies

Pegaso Technologies srl is an Italian company specializing in key management. They developed an advanced key management system around the EM1000, called Bakeka.

Bakeka consists of a track structure suitable for storing keys. The keyrings attached to the keys can enter and exit via two points on the track, and there's a mechanism that prevents the key from being pulled out without authorization. Two RFID sensors (one at each such point) are used to identify any keyring before it can be inserted or pulled out. There are storage points for individual keys along the track, each numbered for identification. All of this is controlled by the EM1000.

A user who needs to remove a particular key, must identify using their magstripe card, RFID badge or password. They then drag the keyring to the point of control and, if authorised to remove that key, then the system unlocks the levers so the user may drag the keyring to the exit point of the track system.

The expansion board Pegaso developed consists of inputs, outputs that operate solenoids, RFID or magstripe controllers that identify keyrings and operators, a numeric keyboard, a graphic display, LAN and optionally Wi-Fi.

The application running on Tibbo uses flash memory with FD access. Information is stored in tables. Bakeka works in a stand-alone mode and communicates via LAN or Wi-Fi with Windows computers. The user interface is a Windows program that manages the keyring database and monitors the logs of all transactions managed by the EM1000.

Pegaso Technologies