* These are Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices and their function depends on the loaded app.
We offer many ready-to-use apps, among them a serial-over-IP (SoI) app and Modbus Gateway app.
JDAL Systems

JDAL Systems

When Jim Parisi first saw the EM500, he instantly recognized what potential this inexpensive module holds. Where some people only see a component, Jim envisioned an entire device. So he went ahead and made his vision a reality, building the "EM500 Mini Kit", a tiny prototype board that packs a serious punch of functionality.

Some of the Plug's features include:

  • Eight surface-mount LEDs playing various patterns
  • One multi-color bright LED at the back of the device, gradually shifting through color sequences a-la "mood light"
  • A temperature sensor
  • LCD showing the current firmware version and temperature
  • A mini-USB port for power and PC connectivity (the board has a "USB to serial" chip)
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • A built-in Web server
  • And of course, it's all entirely BASIC-programmable

The EM500 Mini Kit is an ideal platform for hobbyists looking to build their own devices or get into embedded programming. Jim will soon be selling the device via his company's website, so stay tuned for updates on this page. You can always e-mail Jim directly with any questions or ideas, at jimp [at] jdalsystems.com.

Below you can see some photos of the EM500 Mini Kit, along with a video of the device in action:

JDAL Systems