* These are Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices and their function depends on the loaded app.
We offer many ready-to-use apps, among them a serial-over-IP (SoI) app and Modbus Gateway app.
FANUC Industrial Robot by Gigatek

FANUC Industrial Robot by Gigatek

Gigatek’s FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iC is a mini robot whose arm is similar to a human arm length. It is easy to operate and provide complete flexibility. Together with Tibbo Technology’s Tibbo Project System (TPS), Gigatek was able to implement a system where the neighboring Engineers would be immediately be notified by an alarm system whenever there is an IC or product failure during manufacture. The alarm system gets triggered by change of state on Tibbit 001, its LEDs lights up then is followed by a beeping sound, generated by the TPP3 board. The TPS also counts the amount of IC or product failures.


  • Various intelligent functions are available as option, such as “robot link” that synchronizes plural robots operation, “soft float” that enables that hand to follow the work piece and “collision detection” that minimizes damage by interference to peripheral devices.
  • TPS3, which is ideal for applications that require no human-machine interface (HMI) while calling for a significant number of I/O lines and/or functions.
  • Tibbit #00_1, this Tibbit is essentially four wires that connect its control lines to I/O lines, it complements it with terminal block Tibbit #20 (nine terminal blocks). LEDs light up for the LOW state of control lines.
FANUC Industrial Robot by Gigatek