* These are Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices and their function depends on the loaded app.
We offer many ready-to-use apps, among them a serial-over-IP (SoI) app and Modbus Gateway app.
DAE Instruments

DAE Instruments

Founded in 1998, DAE is based in Taiwan and makes intelligent power meters and digital lighting controllers. One of their recent products is the DM400. It's a controller/data collector for power meters, and we're proud to say it's based on our very own EM1206.

##Using The EM1206 to The Max

The DM400 doesn't use the EM1206 as a communication co-processor, but as the core of the device, in charge of all computational functions and communications. DAE made good use of the EM1206's built-in Web server, and the DM400 can be accessed, monitored and configured using a Web browser.

The DM400 can communicate with up to 20 digital power meters using RS485 and poll them for data. It then stores this data and periodically sends it to a managing server. If needed, the server can make the DM400 shut off any specific meter.

##DAE Engineers Say...

When talking to DAE's engineers about their work with the EM1206, they told us their favourite part is actually the development software — Tibbo IDE. They liked being able to debug their applications right on the device via Ethernet; in fact, they told us our system cut their development time by half, as compared to other embedded solutions!

DAE Instruments