Test App for Bus Probes

Test App for Bus Probes

Release Date:7-DEC-2018
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TPS2L(G2) device in the TPS2LG2_BP-Tester-UI configuration

About This Application

This Tibbo BASIC app allows you to set up and test Tibbo RS485 Modbus Sensors, also known as Bus Probes. Users interact with the app through the LCD and keypad of the TPS2L(G2) device (there is also a BP-Tester-Web app that implements a web interface).

Using this app you can :

  • Set up the Bus Probes:
    • Upload Monitor/Loader Firmware
    • Upload Application Firmware
    • Set Modbus IDs
  • Monitor the Bus Probes:
    • Scan for connected Bus Probes (discover Modbus IDs of connected Probes)
    • View the firmware versions of discovered Bus Probes
    • Poll discovered Probes

Required Hardware

Run this application on the following TPS configuration: TPS2LG2_BP-Tester-UI.

Bus Probes are connected as shown in the diagram.

Testing Notes

For the most part, the app is self-explanatory. Here are a few notes you may find useful:

  • You must scan for connected Bus Probes (discover them) before you can view firmware versions or readings of these Probes.
  • If you have only a single Bus Probe connected, you do not need to bother with setting the Modbus ID of your Bus Probe.
  • If you have more than one Bus Probe connected, you must make sure that each Bus Probe has a unique ID. You can verify this by connecting one Bus Probe at a time and then scanning for connected Bus Probes.
  • Setting the Modbus ID of a Bus Probe requires the MD button of the Bus Probe to be pressed while the ID-setting Modbus command is being executed. Bus Probes reject ID change requests received while the MD button isn't pressed.
  • Unless a new app version containing updated firmware has been released, there is no need to upload the Monitor/Loader or the application firmware into the Bus Probes.
  • When updating Bus Probe firmware, only connect a single Bus Probe to the RS485 port of your TPS2(G2) device.
  • If you have connected a large number of Bus Probes and their information does not fit on a single page (LCD screen), use the MD button to flip through pages.
Test App for Bus Probes