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Segment LED Display with SSI Object

Segment LED Display with SSI Object

Release Date:17 November 2011
Project files:Open GitHub repository
Minimum TIDE version:2.50.22
Minimum TiOS version:3.29.01
Try it on:EM1000-TEV

About the Application

This application shows how to use the SSI object to communicate with a MAX7219 IC driving an 8-digit LED display.

The line mapping is as follows:

  • Load: GPIO 46
  • Clock: GPIO 47
  • Din: GPIO 48

Important note: To use this application, you must read the MAX7219 manual. It may not work otherwise, as the display has several modes of operation.

What It Looks Like

This is what the project looked like on our bench:

Max7219 IC
Segment LED Display with SSI Object