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Installing Debugger on LTPS

This step is optional.

It enables a debug server on your target device, which makes possible to remotely debug your program running inside LTPS with an IDE on your host PC: use breakpoints, watches, step-by-step execution, etc.

Two debug agents are available for LTPS:

  • gdbserver
  • tcf-agent

gdbserver is the well-known general-purpose debugger that may be started remotely (by SSH for ex.), may accept the conections and execute debug commands from remote IDEs.

tcf-agent is mostly related to Eclipse. It supports different actions, including code patching and profiling.

Both tools are available for quick installation from the LTPS packets repository.

Installing GDBServer using CLI

Open SSH connection or serial port console on your device and run the command "dnf install gdbserver"

root@tpp:~# dnf install gdbserver
 gdbserver     cortexa8hf_neon     7.12.1-r0        oe-remote-repo     132 k
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Running transaction
  Installing  : gdbserver-7.12.1-r0.cortexa8hf_neon                      1/1 

Installing GDBServer using WebInterface

Run your browser and open the WebInterface on your device.

Click Packet Manager on the left menu.

Type "gdbserver" in the search field. Click Search and wait a couple of seconds.

Click install to the right of the "gdbserver" item.

TCF-agent installation process is very similar.

OverviewNative C APINode.js API