* This is a Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable device and its function depends on the loaded app.
We offer many ready-to-use apps, among them a serial-over-IP (SoI) app, Modbus Gateway app, and Sensor Hub app.

RS485 Modbus Sensors (Bus Probes)


Bus Probes are a family of environment sensors with an RS485 interface. Since the Probes communicate using the standard Modbus RTU protocol, they can be used in any Modbus system or application. The Probes are supported by our Sensor Hubs (belonging to the Sensor Monitoring solution).

At the moment, Tibbo offers five types of probes: ambient temperature sensor (BP#01), ambient temperature and humidity sensor (BP#02), ambient light sensor (BP#03), acceleration and tilt angle sensor (BP#04), and flooding sensor (BP#05).

Bus Probes are typically wired to a twisted pair cable, which distributes power and carries RS485 "+" and "-" lines. All probes accept the supply voltage in the 4V to 15V range. This allows you to power them from 5V sources (for example, the 5V output of the Tibbit #00-3), as well as standard 12V power supplies. Wide supply voltage range also means that you can allow for a significant voltage drop along the bus, i.e., use a bus cable of considerable length.

All Bus Probes are very compact (40 x 36mm) and feature an attractive look and feel. Each Probe has two mounting holes for attaching it to walls and other surfaces.

Here is How You Can Use the Bus Probes

Use the Probes in your
Modbus system

Tibbo Bus Probes feature a popular RS485 interface and support the industry-standard Modbus RTU protocol. Therefore, any Modbus system can use them as general-purpose environment sensors.

Note: To aid in the creation of sophisticated Modbus systems and network-enablement of serial Modbus devices, Tibbo offers Modbus Gateways.

Our Sensor Monitoring solution supports the use of Bus Probes. Connect the Probes to the RS485 port on our Sensor Hub and collect environmental data via RS485 bus.

By combining our Tibbo Project System (TPS) devices with Bus Probes you can also create your own environment monitoring systems.

Key Features

Half-duplex RS485
Modbus RTU
4-15V power

Available Probes

BP#01: Ambient temperature
BP#02: Ambient temperature
and humidity sensor
BP#03: Ambient
light sensor
BP#04: Acceleration
and tilt angle sensor
BP#05: Flooding



  • Half-duplex (two-wire) RS485 interface.
  • Modbus RTU protocol.
  • BP#01 (ambient temperature sensor):
    • Measurement range: -40 to +125°C;
    • Measurement resolution: 0.25°C;
    • Measurement accuracy: ±0.25°C.
  • BP#02 (ambient temperature and humidity sensor):
    • Temperature measurement:
      • Measurement range: -25 to +50°C;
      • Measurement resolution: 0.5°C;
      • Measurement accuracy: not specified.
    • Humidity measurement:
      • Measurement range: 10 to 90%RH;
      • Measurement resolution: ±5%RH;
      • Measurement accuracy: ±4%RH.
  • BP#03 (ambient light sensor):
    • Measurement range: 1 to 65528 lux;
    • Measurement resolution: 1 lux;
    • Measurement accuracy: 1 lux.
  • BP#04 (acceleration and tilt angle sensor):
    • Independent X, Y, and Z axes;
    • Measurement range for each axis: ±12G;
    • Measurement resolution for each axis*: 0.25°;
    • Measurement accuracy for each axis*: 0.05°.
  • BP#05 (flooding sensor):
    • Reports when there is water between the detection contacts.
  • Green and red status LEDs.
  • Power: 4 ~ 15VDC.
  • Dimensions excluding connectors (LxWxH): 40 x 36 x 19mm.
  • Operating temperature range: TBD.
  • Firmware is upgradeable through the RS485 port.
  • CE and FCC certification pending.

*Expressed as the angle of tilt measurement.

See Also:

Files and Documentation

Probe FirmwareTo be published
DocumentationTo be published
CE CertificateCE certification pending
FCC CertificateFCC certification pending

Order BPx Bus Probes

BP#01: Ambient Temperature Sensor

BP#01: Ambient Temperature Sensor

BP#02: Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensor

BP#02: Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensor

BP#03: Ambient Light Sensor

BP#03: Ambient Light Sensor

BP#04: Acceleration and Tilt Angle Sensor

BP#04: Acceleration and Tilt Angle Sensor

BP#05: Flooding Sensor

BP#05: Flooding Sensor