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Tibbo Project System (TPS) Devices and Parts

Tibbo Project System devices are unsurpassed in their configurability: Take what you need, leave out what you don't!

No more using standard grey boxes and drilling and milling them to suit your needs. Take a Tibbo Project PCB (TPP), plug in Tibbits of your choosing, assemble your system into a beautiful Tibbo Project Box (TPB) enclosure, and you'll have a professionally looking IoT hardware control system that carries no excess hardware.

Order your IoT development kit and write your own app using our streamlined Tibbo IDE software, or choose from the list of published projects.

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Embedded System

Custom Tibbo Project Systems

A custom system is defined using our Online Configurator. You name your TPS and select what motherboard to use, what Tibbits are included with the system, and so on. You can choose whether your configuration ships as a set of parts or fully assembled.

Tibbo Project System

Barebone Tibbo Project Systems

Every barebone system includes a Tibbo Project Box and a Tibbo Project PCB, but no Tibbits – you will need to order them separately. Barebone systems can be shipped as part sets or fully assembled.

Tibbo Project PCB

Tibbo Project PCBs (TPPs)

A TPP is a "motherboards" with a CPU, Ethernet port, memory, LEDs, and multiple sockets for Tibbits. This is just an internet of things platform board – nothing else is included.

Tibbit Blocks

Tibbit® Blocks

Each Tibbit implements an I/O function, and we have dozens of different Tibbits available. Use them on a Tibbo Project PCB (TPP) or with a standard prototyping board.

Tibbo Project Box

Tibbo Project Box (TPB) Enclosures

A TPB is an enclosure for your TPS device. You can purchase them as part sets or receive fully assembled boxes. Here you will also find packaging, as well as vibration protection and DIN rail mounting kits.

Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories

You can order all TPS industrial computer parts separately, down to the last screw or rubber pad.

Custom SystemsBarebone SystemsMainboardsTibbit BlocksProject Box KitsParts