We have created a demo application to showcase how to work with the newly released
1-wire PIC firmware for Tibbit#31.

See the app here...

New TIDE Release 5.03.03 Features TiOS Simulator Software

New Tibbo IDE (TIDE) release includes a Tibbo OS (TiOS) Simulator. The Simulator implements a virtual TiOS device incorporating virtual Ethernet interface, virtual EEPROM, virtual flash memory, virtual MD button, as well as virtual LCD and keypad.

Get new TIDE...

TPS-based Office Aircon Controller Application

The app allows you to manage traditional air conditioners that are controlled through infrared remotes. Designed for the office environment, the app relies on the ambient brightness (measured by Tibbit #28) to determine whether the aircon should be running or not. In the office setting, no lights = no people = no need for the aircon to work.

The second function performed by the app is measuring the ambient temperature. Many aircon systems, especially older ones, are terrible at monitoring the actual temperature in the room. This app turns the aircon on and off basing on the data from our new temperature probe. Real temperature feedback means more comfortable working environment and reduced electricity bills. Read on...

MQTT Library

Our new MQTT library is out, and we created two small programs that illustrate how easy it is to write MQTT-enabled apps in Tibbo BASIC or Tibbo C.

See the demo here...

Our Linux-based Tibbo Project Board (LTPP3) Does Node.js and Node Red. Watch the Full Review.

"After a few weeks of working with TIBBO on this product, I am now of the opinion it is one of the cleanest and simplest little automation / controller units I have reviewed so far. Not the most powerful and not the best for all environments but when it comes to the "Normal Human Occupied" environment, this is certainly a great choice. Price and flexibility is there and my experience with their support over the last few weeks."

- Peter Oakes, Breadboard YouTube Channel

This funny robot is our CES 2017 mascot. To see it "in person," visit our booth #41259, located on Level 2 of the Sands Expo.

The robot demonstrates what you can build with our UniQb 3D construction set (uniqb.com/), Tibbo Project System (TPS) controllers (tibbo.com/tps.html), and a simple, low-cost 3D printer.

The robot's body is assembled from UniQb beams. All the custom parts are 3D-printed. A TPS3 system mounted on the robot's chest acts as the primary controller. A smaller TPS2L system equipped with a TFT screen serves as the robot's head.

Under the control of two small demo apps written in Tibbo BASIC, our robot shows the uses of various Tibbits plugged into the TPS3 controller. Tibbits (tibbo.com/store/tps/tibbits.html) are miniature color-coded modules implementing various I/O functions. For example, in this design...

  • The RS232 Tibbit provides communications between the "chest" and the "head."

  • The RS485 Tibbit controls ten MX-64 Dynamixel actuators that move robot's arms and head.

  • The ADC Tibbit is connected to a V-meter, strategically located in the robot's... belt area.

  • The FPGA Tibbit runs RGBW intelligent LEDs that serve as our robot's stage lights.

  • The high-voltage solid state relay Tibbit is in charge of the light bulb mounted on the robot's head.

  • ...And so on.

Looks cool? We agree! Now, what will YOU build with UniQb and TPS?

A humorous demonstration of an Automation system built with our UniQB 3D construction set and a Tibbo Project System (TPS) controller.

What you see is a ball loop machine. The TPS controls three linear actuators. The first one operates a cute little ball "elevator," the second one pushes the ball out of the "elevator cabin," and the third one holds the ball midway down the slide (thus giving the "elevator" time to move to the "ground floor". The actuators are standard low-cost Firgelli (Actuonix) devices. The TPS is equipped with current sensors used to detect when actuators finish moving.

A side note on this contraption: it is not serving any useful purpose. We just wanted to create something "interesting and fun," and in the process hint at what could be done with UniQb and TPS.

We will present this and other interesting machines at the CES 2017. See you in the Sands Expo. Our booth # is 41259.

Announcing LTTP3, our first Linux-based TPS offering!

Size3 Tibbo Project PCB

Pinguinistas of the world, rejoice! Our Tibbo Project System (TPS) family now includes a Linux-based Tibbo Project PCB (LTPP).

Based on the powerful 1GHz Cortex-A8 Sitara CPU from Texas Instruments and carrying 512MB of RAM and 512MB of flash memory, the new LTPP3 board runs our own, highly polished distribution of Linux that capitalises on the latest kernel and drivers.

The LTPP3 is mechanically and electrically compatible with our Tibbit blocks and size 3 Tibbo Project Box (TPB3) enclosures. This sets the LTPP3 apart from plain vanilla products such as Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone. While offering affordable Linux-based computing in a compact package, these devices do very little toward providing an attractive housing or a quick way to add desired I/O resources. In contrast, Tibbo Project System delivers aesthetically pleasing TPB enclosures to house the board, and a plethora of Tibbit modules and connectors to expand the board's IO capabilities.

The ingenious feature of the Tibbo Project System is that the top and bottom walls of its enclosures are formed by Connector Tibbits. The result is a neat, professionally looking housing every time, even for projects with the production quantity of one. This eliminates a huge problem of any low-volume production operation – the necessity to fit into and customize (drill, cut, etc.) off-the-shelf enclosures.

Size3 Tibbo Project PCB

Size 3 Tibbo Project System (TPS3) with Tibbit blocks and
Tibbo Project Box (TPB) enclosure (top cover not shown).

There are four distinctive ways in which you can use the new LTPP3.

Use it with Embedded AggreGate

Immediately upon the release of the LTPP3, you will be able to order your Linux TPS system with Embedded AggreGate software. Serving as the board’s execution environment, AggreGate lends LTPP3 its immense power of data collection, processing, and visualization. Further, AggreGate provides a uniform, consistent access to external data, devices, and systems using more than 100 supported communications protocols. Via a specially designed middleware C library, Embedded AggreGate is also able to access the board’s hardware resources, such as GPIO lines, serial ports, as well as Tibbit modules installed in board’s sockets.

Run Node.js applications

LTPP3 comes with Node.js preinstalled. We are currently developing Node.js modules for accessing the board’s hardware resources and installed Tibbit blocks. You can also utilize many existing Node.js modules, such as serialport and socket.io.

Execute TiOS applications

We are currently porting our popular Tibbo OS (TiOS) to Linux. When this work is completed, you will be able to run TiOS as a Linux application and execute existing Tibbo BASIC and Tibbo C code with little or no modifications. Needless to say, the new LTPP3 board will crunch Tibbo BASIC and Tibbo C apps at unparalleled speeds.

Use the LTPP3 as a generic Linux board...

... that comes in an attractive housing and may be extended with Tibbit blocks. Linux can be utilized in myriad different ways. Choose yours and deliver your project on the LTPP3 board and TPS product family.

Best Regards,
Dmitry Slepov,
Managing Director,
Tibbo Technology, Inc.