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The DS110X Family of Programmable Serial Controllers

Inspired by your feedback

Building on the worldwide success of our earlier products, the family of DS110X BASIC- and C-programmable serial controllers integrates everything we learned from you about building device servers.

We learned that you wanted a compact device, with a budgetary price tag, and with a range of available options to suit the needs of various applications. You named Wi-Fi, PoE, display, RS422, RS485, DIN rail and wall mounting options.

The DS110X family packs your wishlist into a stylish housing that's mere 90x48x25mm in size. Enjoy the product, it was built for you.

Programmable in
Tibbo BASIC and C

Feature-rich and easy-to-learn Tibbo BASIC and Tibbo C programming languages open up a world of application possibilities. Control serial devices and machinery. Collect, store, and manipulate data. Communicate with AggreGate Server. Create your own app!

Ready to go

Coding is not your thing? Use the preloaded serial-over-IP (SoI) application or download one of our free ready-to-use apps. Our experts can also design your application for you. You spec it, we do the rest.


The entry-level DS1100 programmable controllers provide all necessary basics and are still programmable. The DS1100 features a single-channel RS232 port and can be ordered with a power-over-Ethernet option.


The DS1101 and DS1102 devices are powerful and versatile. Available options include the Wi-Fi interface, OLED display, power-over-Ethernet, and a choice of serial port configurations.

Choice of serial ports

The DS110X family offers multiple serial port options:

  • DS1100 – simple RS232 port with power input
  • DS1101 – 3.5-channel RS232 port with power input/output
  • DS1102 – 3-channel RS232/422/485 port

Optional Wi-Fi

Looking to improve your system's reliability by providing an additional communication path in case the Ethernet link goes down? Planning to go all-wireless? Order your DS1101 or DS1102 with the Wi-Fi option.

Optional power-over-Ethernet(PoE)

Cut the power cord and power your DS110x directly through the Ethernet cable!

Being a true 802.3af device, our PoE module is compatible with a wide range of PoE-enabled switches and "power inserters".

Optional OLED display

Our 96x32 OLED display is perfect for simple text and graphics.

Show messages, icons, status info, user prompts, and what not!

To get inspired, see how we use the display in our serial-over-IP (SoI) application.

Mounting not optional

The DIN rail mounting plate is included with each DS110X shipped. Not just a slap-on afterthought, our DIN rail plate is artfully fused into the DS110X body and accentuates the device appearance.

Placing your DS110X on the wall? One wall mounting plate comes with each DS110X as well. Permanent of semi-permanent installation can be achieved with two or four mounting screws.

Serial Interface
Single-channel RS2323.5-channel RS2323-channel RS232/
2-channel RS422/
1-channel RS485

Channels: Squeezing Multiple Serial Ports Onto a Single DB9

Devices supporting this feature have a single DB9M connector and are priced as single-port products, yet pack several independent serial channels.

Have no use for those DSR and DTR lines? Turn them into RX and TX lines of an additional serial channel. Don't want CTS and RTS either? That's one more RX/TX pair!

Our serial-over-IP (SoI) application defines 15 different configurations or "port mappings" to choose from, starting from a standard single-channel configuration (RX, TX, CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, and DCD) and ending with the 3.5-channel setup (RX, TX, RX2, TX2, RX3, TX3, and RX4).

Splitting wires can be conveniently carried out with the TB1100 adaptor.

Economical (T2000)High-performance (T1000)
In onlyIn/out
(you application can control
the power output)

Pass-through Power

Devices supporting this feature can be powered through pin 9 of the RS232 (DB9M) connector, and/or can power another small device, such as a barcode scanner, through this pin.

Power output on pin 9 is software-controllable. Our serial-over-IP (SoI) application includes a related setting.

Ethernet Port
OLED Display
-Onboard RTC
(no backup battery)
Flash disk
512K for TiOS and
application code
1MB for TiOS, application code, and
hardened fault-tolerant file system
208 bytes2048 bytes
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