Serial-over-IP firmaware for Tibbo Devices

SoI binaries for our BASIC/C-programmable devices

The firmware files below are compiled versions of the Serial-over-IP Tibbo BASIC application, combined with TiOS firmware and ready to run.

Firmware for EM120, EM200, EM203(A), DS203(A)

These Devices can be upgraded through the serial port or network. There are two firmware "builds" depending on the Device model number.

Firmware for EM100, DS100

The firmware below is for the following devices:

  • EM100-03/-04,
  • DS100R-03/-04,
  • DS100B-00/-01/-02

Choose the SN build if you are performing an upgrade through the serial port, and the S build if you're upgrading through the network.

Older devices: Tibbo no longer releases firmware upgrades for the EM100-00/-01/-02, or the DS100-00/-01/-02. All these devices have not been in production for years.