Wolfd.com is a Portuguese electronics OEM sub-contractor that provides electronic, firmware, software and product design to other companies all over the world. They develop entire products or just the electronics / software bits for their clients to manufacture and/or market under their own brand.

Here are some examples of products Wolfd developed for their clients:


A dumb Ethernet data input terminal with a serial printer server, for selecting and printing labels on a production line. All the software runs on a server and the terminal is only used to display and ask for user information, and then the label is sent through a serial port to the label printer. The terminal itself is splash- and vandal-proof.


Small Ethernet appliances for specific uses, such as a DynDNS Beacon, a Wake-on-LAN Power switch, a network Wiegand reader, etc.


An Electronic safe locker, for the factory floor. Here the entire locker is controlled thru an EM1206, which manages the RFID reader, Cards Database, Logs, and PC Comms. It works as a standalone unit or connect to PC Server software (written by Wolfd) that manages several lockers at the same time.