DAE Instruments

DAE Instruments

Founded in 1998, DAE is based in Taiwan and makes intelligent power meters and digital lighting controllers. One of their recent products is the DM400. It's a controller/data collector for power meters, and we're proud to say it's based on our very own EM1206.

##Using The EM1206 to The Max

The DM400 doesn't use the EM1206 as a communication co-processor, but as the core of the device, in charge of all computational functions and communications. DAE made good use of the EM1206's built-in Web server, and the DM400 can be accessed, monitored and configured using a Web browser.

The DM400 can communicate with up to 20 digital power meters using RS485 and poll them for data. It then stores this data and periodically sends it to a managing server. If needed, the server can make the DM400 shut off any specific meter.

##DAE Engineers Say...

When talking to DAE's engineers about their work with the EM1206, they told us their favourite part is actually the development software — Tibbo IDE. They liked being able to debug their applications right on the device via Ethernet; in fact, they told us our system cut their development time by half, as compared to other embedded solutions!