TR610 Time and Attendance Terminal

TR610 Time and Attendance Terminal

Release Date:24/11/08
Most Recent Update:05/10/10
Project files:Open GitHub repository
Compiled Binary (for TR610 hardware)
Minimum TIDE version:2.20.25
Minimum TiOS version:3.00.01
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From Concept to Product, With EM1000

When GigaTMS approached us to design a top-of-the-line Time and Attendance Terminal for them, we immediately reached for our EM1000 module.

GigaTMS wanted a terminal with an RFID sensor, LCD, built-in configuration menu, web administration interface, GUI administration, built-in relays, and support for multiple network protocols (SNTP, DHCP).

Our designers created a custom PCB and housing for the TR610, nicely integrating all peripherals - buttons, RFID sensor, LCD and connectors.

Since the EM1000 is a standard platform, application development was already well underway before the first hardware prototypes came off the assembly line. To expedite development, we used existing libraries for DHCP and SNTP.

For device settings, we created a comprehensive system — actually, a reusable library. Configuration settings are defined externally (not within Tibbo BASIC code), with plain text files. This makes it easy to change menu flow and setting names (for localization, etc).

It was a win-win situation: GigaTMS got the exact feature set and look they were after, and we got to use the power of the EM1000 and had a fairly easy time creating the product.

To see TR610 interface screenshots and read in detail about its capabilities, please go to its dedicated website: