GA1000 Wi-Fi Add-on module

Works with EM1000/1202/1206/500

Implements 802.11b/g standard

Chip antenna onboard

Only 5 I/O interface lines

Optional external antenna

Compact (42x19mm)

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The GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on module further expands the scope of potential applications for Tibbo BASIC-programmable modules by adding 802.11b/g communications capability to the already powerful hardware mix. The GA1000 can be used with all T1000-based devices -- the EM1000, EM1202, EM1206, EM500, DS1010/2/3, DS1014, DS1015, DS1101, and DS1102.

The module utilizes SPI interace and only requires five I/O line to control. Flexible mapping allows your application to use any five available I/O pins.

Please note that the GA1000 is a slave device and cannot be used on its own. The GA1000 will only work together a BASIC-programmable Tibbo module.


  • Superior upgrade to the now obsolete WA1000 module.
  • Implements 802.11b/g Wi-Fi standard.
  • Compatible with all T1000-based modules (EM1000, EM1202, EM1206, EM500).
  • Requires only five I/O lines to control, and any five lines can be used.
  • Chip antenna onboard, coaxial connector for external antenna.
  • Red status LED for scan/link indication.
  • Max. power: 280mA (max) @ 3.3V.
  • Dimensions: 42.0x19.0x6.7mm.
  • Upward-compatible with the now-obsolete WA1000 device.

External antenna with cable

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