Embedded AggreGateIEC 61131-3AggreGate IDE

Embedded AggreGate

Tibbo's Linux-based Tibbo Project PCB (LTPP), a part of our Tibbo Project System (TPS) line of products, can optionally be purchased with Embedded AggreGate, which can be used as the core runtime environment of Linux TPS.

Having AggreGate as the core runtime environment allows you to capitalize on many of the AggreGate platform's advanced technology features related to the data acquisition, storage, processing, visualization, and integration with higher-level systems, such as SCADA or BMS.

While being a somewhat simplified version of its larger "server" counterpart, Embedded AggreGate retains all core features of the latter.

Embedded AggreGate has direct access to the board's hardware resources, as well as Tibbit blocks installed on the board (this is facilitated by our C++ API). The ability to directly work with Tibbits and other hardware resources of the LTPP allows you to define the board's behavior and develop applications directly in AggreGate. This, in turn, allows you to define your entire system, from the bottom to the top, within a single unifying AggreGate architecture. Controlled by Embedded AggreGate, you LTPP can connect to the back-end server also running AggreGate, which, in turn, may be a part of a larger group of AggreGate servers.

With AggreGate, many standard data collection and control systems may be realized by just "configuring" AggreGate, i.e. setting its operating parameters, entering expressing (using AggreGate's proprietary expression language), defining data models, and so on. This means that many projects can be completed without writing any actual code. For projects that do require programming, AggreGate supports the subset of IEC61131-3 languages and provides an IDE for editing your "IEC programs".

Embedded AggreGateIEC 61131-3AggreGate IDE