Это программируемое на Tibbo BASIC/C устройство, функциональность которого определяет загруженное приложение.
Мы предлагаем различные готовые к использованию приложения, например, Serial-over-IP (SoI), Modbus Gateway и Sensor Hub.
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Standard Remote IO Controllers

Tibbo Remote IO (RIO) controllers are based on our Tibbo Project System (TPS) platform. As such, they can be outfitted with a large variety of Tibbits, which are the I/O modules of the TPS family.

RIO configurations presented below are our standard Remote IO offerings. You can also create customized configurations of RIO controllers. Contact us if you want our help with this and we will be happy to assist.



A standard TPP3(G2)-based Remote IO controller with eight 24V opto-isolated inputs (x4 Tibbits #04-5), eight opto-isolated open-collector outputs (x4 Tibbits #58), and four high-power relays with N.O. and N.C. contacts (x2 Tibbits #06).