Это программируемое на Tibbo BASIC/C устройство, функциональность которого определяет загруженное приложение.
Мы предлагаем различные готовые к использованию приложения, например, Serial-over-IP (SoI), Modbus Gateway и Sensor Hub.
Cellular Alert Controller by IDP

Cellular Alert Controller by IDP

This solution is suitable for alert when there is a change in status of door / window / rack, and connect to external temperature sensor, flood sensor, fire alarm system, alarm system and more ...

The controller have web interface with user friendly interface, the user can set up to 10 phone numbers that will get the alert and also different message for each of the inputs. The basic controller have 4 dry contact inputs, you can add more inputs as you like - up to 40 inputs.

Alerts via SMS of phone call.

SMS status at any time by calling the controller.

Alerts delay can be set.

Support end alert - when the status is back to normal.

SMS nagger every few minutes.

Alerts up to 10 phone numbers.

Internal 3G cellular modem.

Optional - SNMP / MQTT / SMTP Alerts.

Power failure alert (only in models with backup battery).

Cellular Alert Controller by IDP