Это программируемое на Tibbo BASIC/C устройство, функциональность которого определяет загруженное приложение.
Мы предлагаем различные готовые к использованию приложения, например, Serial-over-IP (SoI), Modbus Gateway и Sensor Hub.
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Over-the-air (OTA) Device Management (Firmware Upgrades)

The WA2000 Wi-Fi/BLE add-on enables several Tibbo devices, namely, EM2000, EM2001, TPP2(G2), and TPP3(G2), to receive firmware updates via the Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) interface of the WA2000.

BLE firmware updates can be performed from the Tibbo Updater app (available for iOS and Android).

Alternatively, you can use the BLE Firmware Updater web application for the Chrome browser*.

Over-the-air firmware updates use Tibbo Composite Uncompressed (.TCU) files. A single .TCU file may carry TiOS firmware, compiled Tibbo BASIC/C application binary, and even the internal firmware and the internal Monitor/Loader of the WA2000 itself!

Ready-to-use TCU files are published here. An online tool for generating .TCU file is also available.

The firmware update procedure using the Tibbo Updater app is explained here. The BLE Firmware Updater for Chrome browser contains the update instructions within itself.

* The application was successfully tested in Chrome Browser for Windows and Android. Chrome browsers for Linux and iOS do not support the required functionality. To perform OTA updates, your PC (or an Android device) must be equipped with a Bluetooth interface.

Performing BLE updates from the Chrome browser

The BLE Updater for the Chrome browser can be found here: https://apps.tibbo.com/BLEFirmwareUpdater/

Обзор программируемых IoT-устройствTibbo Project System (TPS)КонтроллерыПлатыМодулиOTA ManagementКод и приложения