* These are Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices and their function depends on the loaded app.
We offer many ready-to-use apps, among them a serial-over-IP (SoI) app and Modbus Gateway app.
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Independent Sales Rep

  • This job opening is for a position of an Independent Sales Rep.
  • To apply, you must reside in the US and be either a US citizen or a permanent legal resident.
  • All applicants must submit a short cover letter explaining why they think they are a good fit for this position. I will NOT talk to anyone who misses or ignores this simple request.

Our Ideal Sales Rep

We are looking for a seasoned industry professional with substantial direct experience in B2B sales in the fields of embedded systems, IoT, IIoT (Industrial IoT), data collection, industrial automation, security, automatic identification, or similar domains. Understanding our competitors and experience in selling our competitor’s products is a plus.

If you have a few years of the sales experience in one of the above fields and thinking of trying something new while helping a fast-growing industrial automation/IoT company establish itself on the US market, you could be just the right person for us!

Our Products

We supply protocol converters, industrial controllers, automation devices, and embedded IoT modules.

The central common theme for our products is easy programmability. To this end, we have created two programming languages—Tibbo BASIC and Tibbo C, as well as TIDE (Tibbo IDE) software used for designing Tibbo BASIC/C applications. All our devices share a common programming environment, and there is a very high level of programming compatibility between our products. Learn to create custom code for one of our products, and you can do this for all of them. See here for more info: tibbo.com/programmable.html.

Here are the product lines that we are focusing on at the moment:

  • Tibbo Project System (TPS) devices. TPS is an extremely flexible modular automation platform that is highly suited for industrial and lab automation, robotics, security, data collection, and distributed control applications. In conjunction with our easy-to-master Tibbo BASIC and Tibbo C languages, TPS is also ideal for teaching STEM curriculum in high schools and universities. In fact, I believe that an entire profitable business can be built just on selling TPS to educational institutions across the US. More about TPS here: tibbo.com/store/tps.html.

  • Programmable Serial Controllers. These compact devices connect legacy serial products to the network. Many vendors offer serial-to-Ethernet converters, also known as “device servers.” Tibbo goes a step further and sells programmable serial controllers that can process data in a highly customized way. The link: tibbo.com/store/controllers.html.

  • Programmable IoT modules. These go into all kinds of machinery that needs to be connected to the cloud. Our users have built various products based on or incorporating our IoT modules—from security devices to environmental monitoring systems, to cloud-connected vending machines. Any design-in involving one of our IoT modules will be a significant achievement for you, as this typically guarantees a steady stream of sales for years to come. Learn more here: tibbo.com/store/modules.html.

  • Chip-level products. We’ve just released our new Plus1 Linux SoC targeting price-sensitive industrial applications. Plus1 was designed from the ground up to answer the needs of IoT and industrial control applications. Read about this SoC here: tibbo.com/store/plus1.html.

Your Role as Tibbo’s Sales Rep

Here is how I imagine the division of labor through the typical customer acquisition cycle:

  • Looking for new opportunities, generating leads—100% “you”;
  • Initial work on a sales opportunity—80% you / 20% “us”;
  • Technical presale—20% you / 80% us;
  • Closing the deal—50% you / 50% us;
  • Design-in (embedded products only)—5% you / 95% us;
  • Repeat orders, technical support, service, RMAs, and other routine stuff—20% you / 80% us.

As you can see, we expect you to focus primarily on business development and less on customer maintenance and routine sales (although these are also very important). We excel at “holding the customer’s hand” once the contact is established. This said, the fact that we are 12-16 hours ahead of the contiguous US does complicate our effort. We cannot be there for our US customers for the entire duration of their business day—we need to get some sleep sometimes—so we have “availability windows”:

  • Eastern and Central Time Zones—during our customer’s morning hours, typically right at the start of their day;
  • Pacific Time Zone—during our customer’s afternoon hours, usually just before the end of their day;
  • Mountain Time Zone—this one is the trickiest, and we do not have a standard solution for it.

How “Technical” Should You be?

To successfully sell our products, you will need to have a reasonably good understanding of their specifications, capabilities, and common use cases. This said, we know how to do technical presale and ease your burden of having to answer technology-related questions. No one here will assume that you will somehow close deals all by yourself, and the division of labor percentages presented in the previous section illustrate this.


We are open both to “pure commission,” as well as “base salary plus commission” arrangements. Talk to us and let’s figure this out!


Send an email to dima@tibbo.com. Include a short introduction, and I will contact you to set up an online interview.

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