BASIC/C-programmable IoT Products

IoT products presented in this section are programmable in Tibbo BASIC and Tibbo C. They are perfect for industrial communications and automation applications.

New ARM-based Devices

EM2000 programmable IoT module
EM2001 programmable IoT board
TPP2(G2) Size 2 Tibbo Project PCB, Gen 2
TPP3(G2) Size 3 Tibbo Project PCB, Gen 2

Tibbo Project System (TPS)

Tibbo Project PCBs – the foundation of your TPS
Tibbit Blocks – blocks of prepackaged I/O functionality housed in brightly colored rectangular shells
Tibbo Project Box (TPB) – stylish enclosures to house your system
Custom TPS configurations – this is where you will find your custom creations
Barebone TPS offerings – systems with a board (TPP) and an enclosure (TPB), but without any Tibbits

Programmable Controllers

DS1100 programmable RS232 controller
DS1101 programmable 3.5-channel RS232 controller
DS1102 programmable 3-channel RS232/422/485 controller
DS1206 programmable 3.5-channel RS232 controller

Programmable IoT Modules

EM2000 — our flagship programmable IoT module
EM1000 — our original programmable IoT module
EM1206 compact programmable IoT module, mates with theRJ203 jack/magnetics front end
EM500 ultra compact programmable IoT module

Programmable IoT Boards

EM1001 programmable IoT board
EM2001 programmable IoT board

Development Kits

EM2000EV evaluation board
EM1001 board can be tested in lieu of the EM1000 module
EM1000TEV terminal development system
EM1000EV development system
EM1206SK starter kit
EM500EV development system