Это программируемое на Tibbo BASIC/C устройство, функциональность которого определяет загруженное приложение.
Мы предлагаем различные готовые к использованию приложения, например, Serial-over-IP (SoI), Modbus Gateway и Sensor Hub.
Test App for Sensor Tibbits and Cable Probes

Test App for Sensor Tibbits and Cable Probes

Release Date:27-DEC-2018
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TPS2(G2) device. Test Cable Probes using the TPS2G2_Sensor-Tester-Web configuration. Sensor Tibbits are tested by inserting them into the slot S2 instead of Tibbit #21.

About This Application

This Tibbo BASIC app is for testing sensor Tibbits and Cable Probes*. The app detects a sensor Tibbit or a Cable Probe type and displays the readings on a web page. There is also a Sensor-Tester-UI app that shows the readings on the TPS2L(G2)'s LCD.

*Note that this app doesn't work with Cable Probe #04. We recommend testing this Probe with another app called TPS-based Office Aircon Controller App.

Required Hardware

Run this application on the following TPS configuration: TPS2G2_Sensor-Tester-Web.

Bus Probes are connected as shown in the diagram.

Testing Notes

This app uses DHCP, so you will need to find out the IP address of your TPS box before you can point your browser at it. The easiest way to do this is by using the Device Explorer utility. You can install just the Explorer, or our Tibbo IDE (TIDE) software — Device Explorer will be installed along with it.

Test App for Sensor Tibbits and Cable Probes