MySQL Client Library

MySQL Client Library

Release Date:30 November 2010
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Platform: All
Try it on: Any programmable Tibbo device

About the Application

This library was created by Ivan Korposh of SCANCODE Russia.

The MySQL library lets you use any EM1000-based Tibbo device as a MySQL client. The MySQL server should not be older than v4.1. The library allows you to connect to the server and send any MySQL request — whether it is for creating tables, deleting columns, updating or inserting data, or selecting data from a table.

Working with the library is quite easy. Just add the file to your project, set the MySQL server address, and execute sql_ init() and sql_connect("login","password", "database"). That's all it takes to connect to a server! Then, using sql_request("request") you can execute any available action from your database.