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I have been an electronics engineer for over 20 years now, so I have seen many technical web sites over my time. In all these years i have never seen a web site that is so well thought out, looks great, has the right information and functions perfectly as the Tibbo web site. I wish all technical web site were this well put together.

- Jim Parisi

TB1100 Terminal Block Adaptor

A DB9-to-terminal block converter that simplifies installation and wiring of serial devices.

12VDC Power Adaptor

12VDC power adaptors for Tibbo boards and external devices (500mA or 1A current rating).

DMK1000 DIN Rail Mounting Kit
DMK1000 DIN Rail Mounting Kit

The DMK1000 is for mounting the DS1000, DS203, and DS1206 devices on a standard DIN rail.

DMK100 DIN Rail/Wall Mounting Kit
DMK100 DIN Rail/Wall Mounting Kit

The DMK100 is for mounting the DS100 device on a standard DIN rail or wall.
For more information, see DMK100 documentation.

Serial cable
Serial cable

We provide two standard serial cables:
WAS-P0004(B) is a DB9M-to-DB9F cable (device-to-device).
WAS-P0005(B) is a DB9F-to-DB9F cable (device-to-PC).

Ethernet cable
Ethernet cable

We provide two standard ethernet cables:
WAS-1498 is a crossover Ethernet cable.
WAS-1499 is a straight Ethernet cable.