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It's a sniffer. It's a terminal. It's a Ninja.

With its colorizers, advanced log engine, property grid interface and open-source architecture, there's no other terminal quite like it. Learn what makes I/O Ninja different, or read below about its transport plug-ins.

Ah, the good old serial terminal. In case you're looking for something a bit more powerful than HyperTerminal, you've just found it. I/O Ninja is the Ferrari to HyperTerminal's VW Beetle. read more

The serial monitor plug-in is like a sniffer... for your COM port. See how other applications, or even other computers use the serial port, down to the byte level.

The network sniffer plug-in is powered by the industry-standard WinPCap driver. Like all other plug-ins, it supports Ninja's colorizers, views and filters, so you can focus on the data. read more

The connection socket plug-in is a three-in-one: It can be used to make outgoing connections in UDP, TCP and PIPE protocols. read more

Ninja's listener socket plug-in lets you accept incoming UDP, TCP and PIPE connections. read more

I/O Ninja's UDP socket plug-in is unique in that it lets you broadcast UDP data and get replies from multiple devices at the same time. What other terminal application can do that? read more