Introducing IO Ninja

IO Ninja is an all-in-one IPv6-enabled scriptable/programmable terminal emulator and IO monitor. It is aimed at system administrators, network security experts and developers of communications software, firmware and hardware.


The word "programmable" speaks for itself. Now you can turn IO Ninja into your personal IO debugger and tune it to your liking with Jancy scripting. Whether you need a non-standard protocol analyzer, a network device emulator or an IO testing utility, IO Ninja can be programmed to do the job. We also provide an IO Ninja IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to assist you in exploring and making use of scripting in IO Ninja.

IPV6 Support

IO Ninja is now IPv6-enabled! All socket-based IO Ninja sessions can listen on IPv6 or IPv4 adapters and connect to IPv6 or IPv4 addresses. So if you were looking for a terminal emulator to test IPv6-connectivity of your products, you have just found one.

Binary Data Support

Need low-level IO terminal to send binary data over TCP? Or send hex to serial port? Ninja would be the best tool for binary packets transmission. We not only have a modern and convenient hex-editor. Dig this - you can actually copy-paste C-language defintions of packet structs and edit them using property grid! Binary data transmission capabilities are matched by equally good support for displaying both incoming and outgouing (RX/TX) binary data in a communication log.

Redirect Anything-to-Anything

IO Ninja features session linking which turns it to a universal redirector. Create two sessions (possibly, of completely different nature), configure and link them together. All the data will be passed-through from one end to another and vice versa. Need to access a serial device attached to your PC from another machine across the Internet? In IO Ninja it's done with a couple of clicks.

Free For Personal Use

Last, but not least, IO Ninja is free for non-commercial usage. However, if you plan to use IO Ninja for work-related purposes, you have to purchase a license. If you already have a license for IO Ninja version 2.x.x, you can upgrade it to a commercial license for IO Ninja version 3.x.x free of charge. Contact our sales department for details at

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