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Introducing IO Ninja

IO Ninja lets you peel back the layers of complex communication protocols. Like the sharpest of katanas, IO Ninja slices and dices any form of computer communication you can imagine. If you ever need to gain a clearer insight into a protocol or perform hardcore communicatoin tests, IO Ninja is your tool.

Go ahead, make malformed packets, see if the server you're testing can take it. Peek under the hood of any communication you can imagine -- reverse-engineer how your "smart home" appliance talks to your computer... then write your own app that can talk to it. IO Ninja can help you do all of this, and much, much more.

Part terminal emulator, part packet analyzer, part silent assassin, IO Ninja features a scripting engine that lets you turn it into almost anything. It's a universal IO debugger.

Why IO Ninja?

In a perfect world, debugging tools would not exist. Every program and every communication protocol would operate exactly like its developers intended it to. There would be no need to debug and trace program execution to find out why the damn thing doesn't work.

However, in real life, this is exactly what developers, QA engineers and tech support staff spend 90% of their time on.

Debugging communications between modules in a distributed system can be a tremendous task. This is us, speaking from experience. We make modules with serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPRS interfaces that communicate with PC-based drivers, Web browsers, configuration software and with each other in every combination imaginable. As you can guess, we've spent an awful lot of time fixing communication breakdowns and tracking down weird behaviour. We've used an lots existing tools and we've written lots of our own.

Over the years we have accumulated a set of custom utilities that we used together with existing sniffers and terminal programs to troubleshoot communications. In developing IO Ninja, we took all the pieces of our own internal utility puzzle and assembled it into one cohesive whole, a Swiss-army knife aimed at tech guys just like us.

Free For Personal Use

IO Ninja is free for non-commercial usage. However, if you plan to use IO Ninja for work-related purposes, you have to purchase a license. If you already have a license for IO Ninja version 2.x.x, you can upgrade it to a commercial license for IO Ninja version 3.x.x free of charge. Contact our sales department for details at

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