Tibbo Device Server Toolkit

Current Release

Generally speaking, this is what you should download. This is the latest release, it is fully supported, and as bug-free as we could possibly make it.

Title Version Date File

x32 build (more info) 5.09.12 14/08/2014 tdst-5-09-12-x86.exe
x64 build (more info) 5.09.12 14/08/2014 tdst-5-09-12-x64.exe

Blasts From The Past

If you are particularly sentimental towards a previous release, you may find it in the short list below. Please note that these vintage releases are no longer officially supported.

Title Version Date File

Last 3.x release 3.9.82 6/7/2006
Long-time favorite, 3.6.6 3.6.6 27/9/2005
An old classic 2.5.2 30/7/2005