PC Software

The latest and greatest: TIDE 5

This is our new release that introduces the Tibbo C language. Now you can create applications in Tibbo BASIC, Tibbo C, or even a combination of the two.

Title Version Date File

TIDE (Tibbo Integrated Development Environment) 5.00.03 22/05/2015 tide-5-00-03.exe
Device Explorer — stand-alone version of the utility provided with TIDE to view and manage TiOS devices 5.00.00 21/04/2015 tdevexplore-5-00-00.exe
BinMerger — used to merge TiOS binaries with compiled Tibbo BASIC projects, to get a single file for distributing to customers. 2.1 7/10/2014
FntMaker - for converting LCD font files for use in your Tibbo BASIC projects (some fonts included). For more information, see FntMaker Documentation. 1.0 23/12/2009

Blast from the past: TIDE 3

Title Version Date File

TIDE 3 3.07.79 18/1/2014 tide-3-07-79.exe

Legacy Software and Firmware

As of June 2011, Tibbo no longer supports EM203 as a programmable platform. If you have an EM203-based device you wish to continue development you, you will need to get the legacy version of TIDE listed below. This download also includes the version of EM203 TiOS firmware compatible with it.

Title Version Date File

TIDE for Legacy Devices 2.20.53 tide-2-20-53.exe