Using Secure Shell to Interact with Your Linux TPS through Network

Use Secure Shell client 'ExtraPuTTY' (in Windows) or 'ssh' utility (in Linux) to access to your Linux TPS box trough the network with an encrypted tcp/ip channel.

Connecting In Windows: ExtraPuTTY

ExtraPuTTY settings
ExtraPuTTY: SSH connection settings dialog.

ExtraPuTTY prompt
ExtraPuTTY: First connection to Linux TPS requires session key exchange

ExtraPuTTY ssh
ExtraPuTTY: connection established

Connecting in Linux: Traditional 'ssh' Utility

ssh Linux
ssh: connection established

When Secure Shell connection is established operating system shows prompt to enter login name and password.
Authenticate with login 'root' and default root password for the first time.

We strongly recomend to change root password after the first run for security reasons.