Configuring TPS Agent

Before start using TPS Agent please make sure you're running the latest version of AggreGate Client.

Check if automatically registered TPSAgent is listed in Devices subtree of the Servers node in the System panel.

Select Settings tab and fill in all required values on the General and Tibbits tabs:

General settings

Tibbits settings

To check your settings click Settings -> Validate Settings in the context menu of TPS Agent or Related Actions for TPS Agent.

Check out TPS Agent's related events:

Validation Messages

If there are errors, correct them and recheck the setting again.

If no error, press successively Write Settings, then Reboot LTPS.

After rebooting if all settings has been done correctly you'll see your new tibbits layout configuration in Tibbits tab next to GPIO tab on top of the Device Configuration panel:


Note, only Tibbits that's now supported by TPS Agent will be visible in Tibbits tab.

Also you can configure LTPS via visual Web Configurator (check for details).