AggreGate on Linux TPS Quick Start

Assume you already read Quick Start guide and have a Linux TPS with AggreGate preinstalled or installed it by yourself using TPS package management tools.
So you sure you have both AggreGate and TPSAgent packages running inside your box how to check?.

To start using it you have to know the IP address of your TPS box and have AggreGate Client installed on your PC.

Please, download (from Standalone AggreGate Client Bundle downloads section) and install howto AggreGate Client for Windows/Linux/MacOS if you haven't already done it.
You need 5.30.08 version at least.

First Start

Launch AggreGate Client from OS main menu (Start in Windows, KMenu or Finder Menu in Linux) or by clicking on desktop shortcut.

Launched AggreGate Client window will ask you for Workspace and Password:
Login Page
Input "admin" in Workspace field and "admin" in Password field and click Login.

Click 'Yes' to create admin workspace...


In the opened AggreGate admin workspace window
New server
find Server item in System panel and click with the right mouse button on Server item.
Choose New Server Conection from the context menu.

Server Conection Parameters dialog will be opened...
Please, enter TPS IP address in IP Address or Host Name field, "admin" in the Username field and "admin" in Password field.
Click OK button.

Check if automatically registered TPSAgent is listed in Devices subtree of the Servers node in the System panel

AggreGate Client successfully conected to TPS AggreGate.

Next AggreGate Client startup will be easier: just launch it from start menu, select workspace from drop-down list and enter your password.