General Linux TPS Quick Start

Step #1: Installation

Unpack your TPS.
Get the power supply and double-check it's label. It have to output 5V and at least 700mA.
Connect your TPS to the local area network by Ethernet.
Plug in power supply.

If ET (Ethernet) goes ON and device is slowly switching LEDs in a boot sequence - everything is correct.
Otherwise please, see Troubleshooting: LEDs and Linux CLI.

[optional] Step #2: Check Out the Web Interface

Please read Running TPS Web Interface little hint page before.

Linux TPS shipped with default static IP
Click this direct link to TPS WI if your network settings allows to access to this address.
Otherwise you have to be able to update your network configuration on your PC or use serial port and traditional Linux CLI to update TPS network settings.

[optional] Step #3: Check Out CLI on Serial Port

Please read Accessing Your TPS Through Serial Port for instructions.

[optional] Step #4: Check Out CLI through the Secure Shell

Please read Using Secure Shell to Interact with Your Linux TPS through Network for instructions.