Auto Updates

Automatic Updates are enabled by default through timer units in systemd. To list DNF timer units run root@tpp:~# systemctl list-timers --all | grep dnf
Automatic updates may be completely switched off by disabling "dnf-automatic-download" and "dnf-automatic-install" units: root@tpp:~# systemctl disable dnf-automatic-download.timer
root@tpp:~# systemctl disable dnf-automatic-install.timer

To disable updates for separate package, for example AggreGate server:
1) open /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
2) add " tps-ag-*" to property exclude

The configuration file will look like this:

deltarpm = no
timeout = 10
exclude = kernel-* tps-ag-*
If Auto Updates timer units are not disabled then kernel-related and AggreGate server package will never be upgraded in this configuration.