TPS Firmware Update Settings

Firmware update settings include:

Variable DescriptionVariable NameDefault Value
source type (mmc/tftp)tps_upd_ttftp
source address (ip for tftp)serverip---
firmware update filenametps_upd_fupdate.itb

All settings are stored in non-volatile memory and may be changed in two ways: from Linux CLI and TPS web interface.

Managing Update Settings with CLI

Open serial console how? or secure shell session how? to the device with the superuser root login name.
General command syntax: root@tpp:/# fw_setenv variable value
Let's configure TPS to get firmware update file update_my.itb from TFTP source root@tpp:/# fw_setenv tps_upd_t tftp
root@tpp:/# fw_setenv serveraddr
root@tpp:/# fw_setenv tps_upd_f update_my.itb

Check settings: root@tpp:/# fw_printenv tps_upd_t
root@tpp:/# fw_printenv tps_upd_f
root@tpp:/# fw_printenv serverip

Managing Update Settings with Web Interface

Open TPS Web Interface and click Firmware menu item:

Firmware settings

Setup transmission protocol (tftp or mmc), source update (IP address for tftp and path for mmc)
and default file name (e.g. upd.itb), when press Apply.