TPS Firmware Update Overview

Firmware update is an easy way to update parts of the bootloader, kernel, device definition or the whole system image. It's done in semi-automatic way which requires you to have preconfigured update server (if you're updating over network), change TPS firmware update settings and physical access to the TPS box.

Physical access is required to

By pressing the MD button for several seconds right after reset you're calling bootloader update procedure which trying to get preconfigured file name from preconfigured source (media or network if available). Please, keep MD button pressed till blue LED #3 light to start update process and release then.

Firmware update file is the binary file that have the global technical header and may contain several parts with it's own technical headers and conditions. Each part of the file have a checksum, description and other technical information which is used in update procedure.
You can see some of it's information headers in serial console (if available) during the update process.

After download firmware update file from media or network into RAM it will be checked and if any byte of it is corrupted it will not be flashed. Bootloader will continue normal boot then.

1 not required if you're using network update.
2 if USB is available on your device.