How to change current hardware configuration

To enable or disable any complex interface such as serial port, I2C or SPI you need to change and upload
the device definition file (Device Tree, DT) 1 and reboot.
There are three general ways to upload DT file into LTPS:

NOTE: configuration will come into effect after LTPS reboot.

Uploading DT file with Hardware Configuration Upload form

This method is helpful in some special/debugging cases or when Online Configurator does not allow to create
configuration that fits your needs. This method allows you to load three forms of DT file: INI, DTS or DTB.
INI is simple file you can get from Online Configurator, "Text" tab. It may be converted to DTS;
DTS is the complex big text file that may be converted into DTB;
DTB is the binary DT file describes LTPS hardware components;

Open TPS Web Interface and choose Firmware menu item:

Upload DTS

Click Select file... button, choose *.ini, *.dts or *.dtb file and click Upload. Wait for success or error message for 1-3 seconds.
In case of success choose Maintenance menu item in and click Reboot:

NOTE: some configurations/ini/dtb files switch off serial console in LTPS operation system. Don't worry in this case.
LTPS Bootloader and Web Interface will work in this case so you can still change the hardware configuration using any of three methods mentioned above.

Changing hardware configuration via LTPS build-in Online Configurator

Open TPS Web Interface and click TPS Configuration menu item:

DTS Launch

Click Launch TPS Configurator... button. It will open the new tab and run build-in Online Configurator with current H/W definition (DT file):

DTS Configurator

Install necessary Tibbits, click File -> Save Project.

Go to Maintenance menu item in the Web Interface and click Reboot.

1DT file is a complex data structure that describes hardware for the LTPS operating system.