TPS Firmware From Scratch

Before read and do the Step-by-Step instructions you have to know in general how to prepare your PC for flashing and need to setup a couple of required services.

You need to:

Also the very first step of FW initialization requires you to upload two files using Xmodem/Ymodem ( Windows, Linux ) serial session.

If you know how to do X/Y modem upload, you have DHCP and TFTP servers up and running, you're ready to do the te very first firmware initialization.

So...Please, read and do it carefully Step-by-Step.

Warning for AggreGate users

Please, keep in mind that the very first Linux TPS + AggreGate boot...

- takes about 90 seconds to complete AggreGate post-installation tasks.
Do not interrupt the first OS boot during this process or you may need to update the firmware again.

- need about 30 seconds on next OS startup to get AggreGate Server ready