Troubleshooting: Is AggreGate Accessible?

Please note, that AggreGate Server for Linux TPS requires some time to get ready after OS startup:
- about 90 seconds after firmware update;
- about 30 seconds during the normal startup;

Troubleshooting With Web Interface

Open TPS Web Interface and click 'Log' menu item.
Input "ag_server" in 'Unit' field, click 'Request'.

Last message of AggreGate unit says it's started successfully.

Troubleshooting With CLI

Open serial port or Secure Shell encrypted connection to your Linux TPS.

To see if AggreGate server is running do:
root@tpp:~# systemctl status ag_server

root@tpp:~# systemctl status ag_server
* ag_server.service - ag_server
   Active: active (running) since Thu 2016-01-28 10:49:13 UTC; 10min ago
Look at Active field status. AggreGate Server is up and running. Startup has been done 10 minutes ago.

To see last 5 journalled AggreGate events do: root@tpp:~# journalctl -l -u ag_server -n 5 --no-pager

Jan 28 10:50:11 tpp ag_server[134]: 10:50:11,764 INFO ag.clients Starting to listen clients on (TCP) - [LogEventsManager] com.tibbo.linkserver.communication.AbstractSocketServerThread.bind (
Jan 28 10:50:11 tpp ag_server[134]: 10:50:11,925 INFO ag.context Creating resources (Mode: 0, non-server machine) - [LogEventsManager] com.tibbo.linkserver.Server.createResources (
Jan 28 10:50:12 tpp ag_server[134]: 10:50:11,991 INFO ag.users Registering new user 'operator' - [LogEventsManager] com.tibbo.linkserver.context.RootContext.callFregister (
Jan 28 10:50:14 tpp ag_server[134]: 10:50:14,485 INFO ag.core Saving config to '/opt/AggreGate/server.xml' - [LogEventsManager] (
Jan 28 10:50:15 tpp ag_server[134]: 10:50:15,283 INFO ag.core Server successfully started in 35699 ms - [LogEventsManager] com.tibbo.linkserver.Server.launch (

Please read AggreGate Troubleshooting for reference.