Changing Passwords

Factory settings:

Connection Type Login Password
Web Interface admin 123
CLI (via Secure Shell or serial TTY) root 123

Changing Password for the Web Interface Access

WI access password can be easily set from the Web Interface.
Launch your favorite browser and open TPS Web Interface.
Authenticate with current WI login and password and click Users menu item.
Change password via WI

Enter new password for the Web Interface and click 'Apply'.

On the next page load/refresh browser will show you the authentication popup dialog. Input 'admin' in User Name field and the new password in Password field.

If you forgot your Web Interface password but still have an access to Linux TPS CLI, do
# rm -rf /var/www/tps-wan/conf/.htpasswd then open Web Interface in your browser and change WI password.

Changing Password for CLI

In the Web Interface

Launch your favorite browser and open TPS Web Interface.
Click 'Users' menu item.
Enter new password for user root and click 'Apply'.

In the CLI

Open SSH or serial connection to your Linux TPS box.
Log in as root and run # passwd root Enter your new password twice.