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Programming — The Tibbo Way

Ah, the ever-popular term "programmable". Overused, abused, and misinterpreted. Some claim to have a programmable product when there is only a configuration screen. Others slap together generic Linux hardware and call it programmable too — good luck using it.

Unlike these folks, Tibbo delivers a complete solution — an easy-to-use language, sophisticated IDE with debugging, high-level objects and libraries, and versatile hardware.

Meet the Product

I had to develop some code for Modbus, and needed to send out hex via the serial port. My current program could not do this. I tried I/O ninja, to my shock it did it! I was able to send out my hex chars and prove the module was working and it vastly helped me develop my software. Thank you Tibbo!

- Jim (I/O Ninja user)

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