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Ah, the ever-popular term "programmable". Overused, abused, and misinterpreted. Some claim to have a programmable product when there is only a configuration screen. Others slap together generic Linux hardware and call it programmable too — good luck using it.

Unlike these folks, Tibbo delivers a complete solution — an easy-to-use language, sophisticated IDE with debugging, high-level objects and libraries, and versatile hardware.

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The documentation is very good. The program is impressive. I like it and will recommend it.

- Kelly Wood (I/O Ninja user)

Programmable News

Jun 1, 2015 Announcing Tibbo IDE 5 with C Support Greetings, folks! I have...

Announcing Tibbo IDE 5 with C Support

Greetings, folks!

I have great news. After a substantial development effort we have released the Tibbo IDE 5 software featuring our new Tibbo C compiler.

Now you can design applications in Tibbo BASIC, Tibbo C, or both languages. That’s right! It is possible to combine BASIC and C in one project. Tibbo BASIC and C can call each other’s procedures (functions) and share variables. This opens up some interesting possibilities. For example, you can code your app in C while utilizing a library written in BASIC!

Given the importance of this new release, I have personally rewritten the Guide section of our Programming Manual. It is now easier to read, contains a lot of new information, and explains everything you need to know about TIDE, TiOS, Tibbo BASIC, and Tibbo C. Importantly, the Manual achieves all that in less text than before!

Less text = less reading = coding sooner

So go ahead, download new TIDE (and the corresponding V3.60 firmware) and take our development platform for a spin.

Dmitry Slepov,
Managing Director and Co-Founder,
Tibbo Technology, Inc.

P.S. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding TIDE, documentation, or any other Tibbo product please do not hesitate to drop me a line at I am always happy to hear your thoughts.

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